Consulting & Negotiations

Coanea supports, trains, coaches and advises companies, organizations and individuals in challenging negotiation situations.

Negotiating successfully is one of the most important factors to develop and shape successful business relationships. In many cases, your negotiating skills will determine whether and how you achieve your goals.

Convincing and sustainable negotiation results require professional and well-structured negotiation management in addition to the relevant expertise. Although each negotiation is unique and leaves its own footprint, each negotiation is ultimately a process that can be shaped and controlled by the negotiators.

Great negotiators lead actively, constantly and comprehensively through this negotiation process and thereby do not only achieve successful negotiation results but also increase the parties satisfaction. Last but not least, satisfaction will be a decisive factor in determining the value of the negotiation for the parties and the shaping of their future business relationships.

Coanea offers you:

Negotiation trainings

Negotiating successfully with joy. You will learn how to establish an effective negotiation management, how to design a reliable negotiation process and how to strengthen your negotiation skills in order to conclude negotiations successfully.

Negotiation consulting

We support you side by side in the analysis, planning and management of a concrete upcoming negotiation as well as in the development of an organization that establishes and promotes the negotiation culture and competence in the company. Negotiating successfully as a personal core competence of individuals as well as organizational core competence for companies.

Negotiation coaching

We accompany you as a sparring partner and coach so you can leverage upon the success of our negotiation training courses and apply the new skills in your day to day negotiations effectively. Thereby, you will further develop and refine your negotiation competence and internalise the skills in the best way possible in order to make them available at any time.

Law & Mediation

We support you in the form of project-related a.i. assignments as in-house legal consultant or as external advisory in the assessment and negotiation of contracts in the field of technology law with main focus ICT & IT. Additionally, we mediate conflicts and disputes in the field of technology.

Board of Directors

We offer to support the Board of Directors as an independent personality including taking on appointments to the Board of Directors.